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Vaspour Antanesian has obtained his degree from UCLA majoring in Biochemistry and Biomedical Research. Although always entrepreneurially minded, his start in the world of finance was rather serendipitous. At a career fair, he met his now partner then recruiter, Kaising Lui. He approached him to discuss a scholarship he had received in High School from AXA Advisors– a company which Kaising was representing at the time.

A couple days after the career fair, a call from Kaising marked the start of an amazing partnership. At first, Vaspour accepted the weekend grave shift at the Pharma plant down the street and did financial training during the week. He recalls having to take coffee breaks at exactly 7am in the middle of his shift on Fridays so he could call his early rising clients. Having the rare opportunity to compare the two paths side by side, Vaspour chose to pursue his career in finance.

Vaspour started his career as a Financial professional at AXA Advisors, but soon was promoted to Regional Vice President where he built a nationally ranking team of financial advisors alongside his partner Kaising Lui. Conflicted with the restrictions he faced in the corporate structure of a large financial institution; his team set out to make their own firm – LA Wealth Partners- to better serve their clients. The initial LA were a play on not only the location of the new firm, but also the last initials of the founding partners.

Vaspour Antanesian is proudly of Armenian descent and lives in Glendale, CA with his son Arka, wife Melina and their fluffy dog, Sammy. He is involved in various community projects in the field of public education and Armenian Cultural heritage. Most recently his team helped in the fund-raising campaign for the Armenian American Museum in Glendale which broke ground in 2021. Vaspour has approached many of his hobbies with the same determination and work ethic as his career in the world of finance. He has co-founded the film production Company Elit Productions as well as the DME Company Vertical Brace. In his spare time, he loves training his Samoyed pup to do tricks or getting hands on with various projects around the house.




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